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How do you get rid of blurry vision?


How do you get rid of blurry vision?

Lifestyle changes have made life similar to hell and we are becoming slaves of bad habits and we do not want to quit them. Our life has completely transformed in recent years thus we need to take care of our whole body as well as our eyes. 

What this advancement has given to us has a dark or bleak side which is to be taken into consideration. These days following changes are taking place in almost everybody`s life.

  • We do not go for a stroll in the morning as well as the evening.
  •  We spend a lot of time in front of computer screens or TV screens
  • We love to work from home and remain longer in beds and watch web series and movies.
  • We are confined to four walls of our houses and have occasional visits outside the home
  • We are more overburdened with work and are occupied with video games thus this is threatening change.
  •  Pollution is increasing day by day.

 The above changes are a threat to our health as well as our eyes. So we need to take care of our eyes every time, as they work more than before. In summer overheating and sunlight can affect badly to our eyes and we need to cover our eyes while going out.  

Sometimes due to blurry vision, you cannot see clearly thus to avoid it following things are to be done:

  • Wash your eyes thrice a day
  • Have a walk in the greenery
  • Sooth your eyes with clean and green surroundings
  • Do not overuse your eyes
  • Do not sit for longer in front of a computer or laptop
  • Avoid watching TV while lying in bed
  • Give proper rest to your eyes
  • Use eye drops to clean your eyes, if you come from a polluted area.
  • If you have headaches and eye pain then visit the eye doctor.
  • Avoid entering too many smoky areas, especially when a lot of people are smoking
  • If you feel you have blurry vision, visit a doctor immediately
  • Do not work in dim light
  • Do not work in very much lighted areas.
  • If your eyes are sensitive avoid playing with colors during festivals like Holi.
  • On Diwali or such a festival, avoid eyes from the burning crackers.
  • Bring change in your lifestyle and leaving a sedentary lifestyle is not only risky for your vision but also for your overall health.
  • We need to keep in check other diseases like sugar, diabetes, unhealthy eating, etc.
  • We should give occasional rest to the eyes, and even sometimes we can take a nap in between the day-to-day chores, where the eyes have to work harder.

After taking care of the above-quoted and suggested ideas, remember that eyes are a beautiful gift of God and thus need to be taken care of at every time. If you are driving then you must see that you must not drive at night, as it can even take the life of other people. Accidents might occur due to blurry vision and this is a critical issue. So take care of your eyes and visit Dr, rishi`s eye hospital.

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