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Best Tips for Eye Health & Maintaining Good Eyesight


Best Tips for Eye Health

People usually do not value whatever they have and think they are not essential. You cannot say this about the eyes as they are gifts of God.

So what we can do to save the vision from being affected, here are a few tips:

1.Eat a healthy diet

if you eat healthily then it is good for your body and eyes both. No doubt you must eat nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid with a lot of vitamins and protein. They all eyes to become stronger visors. If people are suffering from malnutrition then they will also have a deficiency in their eyes. Diabetes, blood pressure and a few other diseases impact our eyes. One should make a visit these make to a normal before going to an eye doctor. Green leafy vegetables are best for the eyes and even watching nature and greenery can soothe your eyes too.

2. Quit smoking to save your eyes

If you want to save your eyes from a big disaster then smoking is the thing that you need to quit. Smoking not only gives a burning sensation to the eyes but also irritates the eye system internally. Chain smokers lose their eyes very soon even in old age.

3. Put on Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be worn by the people who move out. They shield your eyes and protect you from UV rays. Glasses are essential if you are doing something which can strain your eyes.

4. Wear clear glasses:

 Some people have to sit the whole day in front of the computer and thus they cannot work on protecting their eyes. If you think that like this then you should wear glasses which protect your eyes from the rays of the computer. This can increase pain in your eyes and blurry vision too.

There are various other things at a glance which can be done to protect the eyes:

  1. Make sure you wear glasses according to your vision.
  2. Try to avoid sitting in one posture for a longer period.
  3. Move your eyes, and relax in between when you are constantly reading or working on the computer.
  4. Wash your eyes and avoid them from smoke and pollution
  5. Put a safe distance if bursting crackers
  6. If your eyes are dry then you should put eye drops. If then also the problem persists, visit an eye doctor.
  7. Do not look into the phone while lying on the bed, it is harmful to the eyes. One biggest reason you should not keep your phone near you when sleeping is that a mobile phone is not good for the eyes. The rays which come out of it are really harmful and can have a long-term effect on the eyes.
  8. Visit the eye doctor, but you must know whom you have to visit. Visiting an eye doctor can help you know the eye-related problem.
  9. If you get hurt then rush to a nearby doctor very soon, in case of emergency Drishti eye institute in Karnal can help you out.
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