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Monsoon Eye Care: Tips to take care of your eyes


Monsoon Eye Care

With the arrival of  rainy season, everyone get a respite from the sweltering heat. It brings not only rain at our doorsteps but also several infections. As the air gets filled with bacteria and viruses, eye infections become a common occurrence during this season.

 The most delicate of our body Eyes are highly susceptible to infections in rainy season. Therefore, even a small disregard for personal cleanliness and health might have serious consequences.

Avoid dust storms and wear sunglasses

Eye irritation and infections due to dust particles in the eyes are common during the rainy season. If you get caught in dust storm, rinse your eyes immediately. Debris in the eye can lead to various infections so you may protect your eyes from sand when travelling in a storm by using sunglasses or safety glasses.

Clear your contact lenses/ Eyewear correctly

It is imperative to clean your contact lenses /Eyewear regularly. Use dry cloth to clean eye glasses as they may cause fungal infections. Never keep the contact lenses out in the open and clean the cases frequently, as not doing so can lead to “serious sight-threatening infections, especially during the monsoon season.

Use a lubricant eye drop

If you suffer from dry eyes, use a lubricant eye drop after consultation with a treating ophthalmologist. “Avoid exposure to dust and dirty water,”.

Red Eye

If someone at home having red eye consult immediately to your eye specialist, wash your hands after administering drops. Eye diseases are contagious in nature and, therefore, you must avoid sharing personal hygiene items like towels, napkins and handkerchiefs.

Consume healthier foods

Delicious street food items during this season is the most irresistible thing. However, eating unhealthy food can not just cause severe health issues but also affect eyes. “Consume wholesome salads, fruits, and vegetables and drink plenty of water,” the expert said.

Eye Make up

Due to rainy season make up comes out easily, so always use waterproof eye make up and never share it with others. Avoid using any cosmetic products during infection.

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