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Top 8 Ways to Improve Vision over 50


Top 8 Ways to Improve Vision over 50:

Most of the grownups or senior citizens develop the issues in their eye sight when they become mature, and there are eight ways that can help you to enhance your vision. If you are one of those then these tips will assist you in improving your vision.

In this article we are going to ameliorate your vision over 50.

  1. Have balanced Diet

It is irrefutable to say that carrots are rich in vitamin A and this is certainly not a cliché. Not only carrots there are other food which are rich in zinc, vitamin C and Vitamin E. They help to enhance ability of your vision. These are: fish, pumpkin, leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes.

  1. Exercise and relax eye muscles

    Exercising can be a boon for body and eyes both. If you sit constantly in front of computer then relaxing can prove a great potion which will certainly be better than pills. Eye exercises must be done during the dusk or dawn. They rejuvenate you and help you to make your vision sharp. Make morning and evening exercise your regime for the daily routine. The following exercises can help you:

Warm your eyes for five seconds with your palm, and repeat it three times.

  • Roll your eyes
  • Look up and circle your eyes for 10 minutes
  • Use a pen to enhance your focus
  • Relax your eyes; take frequent naps, if eyes get exhausted.

  1. Make your whole body fit:

Not only eye exercise but the whole body exercise is must, so do not forget to have brisk walk or if possible exercise during early morning and late evening hours.

  1. Get enough sleep

you might have noticed dark circles around the eyes, if you do not get proper sleep. This can be alarming if it continues for long time and must be avoided. You must have a sound sleep to improve your vision after 50.

  1. Go green and visit eye friendly surroundings

 Green vegetables are good for health and vision but if you see nature and greenery then your eyes also get rejuvenated. Return to nature and spend sometime there to have great vision, artificial lights can affect badly and can make your vision poor.

  1. Avoid smoking

 Smoking is not only injurious to health but it is also bad for eyes and you need to take care of it cautiously.

  1. Get your eye frequently examined

 You must get your eyes examined and it should be done on regular intervals, so that any problem related to vision can be noticed immediately.

  1. Wear spectacles if recommended by the eye doctor

 Sometimes we are told to wear spectacles but we do not do it and remove glasses now and then. This can be problem for a your vision as your eyes have to adjust themselves again and again.

Beyond 50, vision can be grueling and they can be tackled with a good life, healthy nutrition, and regular eye checks.

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